The two main objectives at Edge are to educate and to connect


Educating members with practical skills that are useful in their search for a career is core to the club. This is attained through:

1. Managing A Simulated Portfolio

Managing a simulated portfolio across various market sectors and industries provides a hand-on learning experience for members, so they can learn and grow with each new pitch. Each members becomes exposed to selecting potential stock picks by refining a sound investment thesis, creating and supporting valuation techniques, then learning to defend this thesis in a pitch to an investment committee.

Edge’s simulated portfolio follows a fundamental approach to investing, with a surrounding margin of safety. When we feel a company is undervalued from its current stock price, and that value will be reflected within the medium to long term we will consider adding it to the portfolio. When analysts completes stock pitches, it is critical that their approach meets this philosophy by being grounded in a sound thesis, while also providing supporting valuation techniques with assumptions, so that it can be adequately assessed by the investment committee. 

2. Educational Workshops

In addition to managing a portfolio, members often attend education workshops put off by the group internally and externally. These workshops focus on developing advanced skills of analysts and new member training initiatives.

Prior completed workshops for analysts and new members alike include the following topics:

  • How to pitch a stock
  • How to value companies: an overview of valuation techniques)
  • Understanding economics indications
  • How companies create competitive advantage
  • Discounted cash flow modelling
  • Careers in financal
    • Investment Banking
    • Sales and Trading
    • Equity Research
    • Private Wealth Management, etc

By continually running interactive workshops, new and old members alike learn the foundation of many core finance concepts that are pragmatic and applicable to careers and the club.

3. Market Briefs and Discussions

In addition to educational workshops, we engaging members in weekly market and portfolio caps to ensure members grow and develop in their investment decision making process. Each week analysts provide a market update during a group discussion. This provides all members with up-to-date news that is adequately summarized. Overall, it generally includes, a recap of the markets for that week, potential picks to keep an eye on for the future, as well has how the current picks within our portfolio are performing.


In addition to educating members, it is key to make sure this education is transferable to a future career. That is why a core part of the club is bridging the gap between the university and potential employers.

1. Presentations By Industry Professionals

Edge seeks to have industry professionals present to the group so members can both gain insight that is real-world experience based, as well as making connections with individuals that work in the industry. Prior industry professionals include those from careers in private equity, investment banking, and private wealth management.

2. Career Guidance and Support

Edge provides the necessary help in resume-crafting, interviewing, and networking skills needed to succeed in internship and job searching. This ensures that members learn hands on experience that can be brought back to the club in the future whist building an active base of finance industry based alumni.